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Monday, August 29, 2011

Armani Junior Bedding!

Okay let's face it: your bed only resembles the beds in department store adds sometimes. You buy the matching sheet set that goes with the comforter... but you know what? Sometimes those sheets need to be washed and sometimes you need to put a backup sheet set on your bed that DOESN'T match the comforter. Everyone does it! Who cares? Same with crib bedding, especially with crib bedding. Babies throw up. They drool. Their diapers overflow. You wash and wash and wash, even if there are no visible stains, you wash because of germs. So as your back up sheet set, why not leave that to Armani? That way, you don't have to feel so shameful about having sheets that don't match the bedding (why can I not stop thinking about the carpet/drapes situation...)! This three piece set includes a pillow case, mattress cover, and top sheet, and has that cute Armani pacifier pattern that is gracing their newest baby items. It is the perfect back up plan. For $180.00, get yours at Children Salon.

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