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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Gucci Embossed Fedora

It's 6:45am. You ever have those mornings where you just instantly wake up, pop out of bed, and are just ready to tackle the day? Yeah... I don't have those mornings. It takes hitting the snooze button an average of three times, then after actually getting out of bed, and average of three cups of coffee and a shower before I start to feel like a functioning human being. Hopefully in my next life I will be a morning person, because I have always been insanely jealous of them. It just seems like life would be so much easier. Perhaps in my next life I will also be stick-thin, mega rich, and timelessly beautiful... Anyway, here we have an expensive Gucci fedora for your little fashionista. I think the only time I have ever seen a small child in a fedora would be in celebrity baby pictures. They are one of life's little luxuries that not everyone can be a part of. Covered with the Gucci logo, any child to have this as part of their autumn wardrobe was certainly born very lucky... because it costs a whopping $135.00. Find it at Neiman Marcus.

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