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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A New Playhouse from Posh Tots: A Miniature of Your Own Home.

Umm... yeah. Huh. Wow. Just... speechless. Just when I thought that Posh Tots had reached the ceiling of luxury playhouse creation, they pulled out all the stops with this idea: a playhouse that is custom-designed and built to exactly resemble your own home. The examples of these houses are amazing (see more here) and I cannot help but wonder how many lucky children have one of these. It can't be a lot. They even have landscaping! I just cannot imagine/fathom/grasp/WOW. If you are like me and very interested in the cost, you will be very disappointed to learn that this item is "Call for Pricing" only. I will go ahead and file this under "Things I Cannot Afford."

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