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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Juicy Couture Pink Terry Robe

Ahh... I just had to post about this bathrobe because I had a bit of an embarrassing experience with my bathroom today. My shower drain has been less than effective lately, mainly because of how my long, thick, curly hair tends to fall out and clog it. I called maintenance yesterday because it was draining super slow but when I came home, they had not come to fix it (they always leave a little note). Figures. So it was a very nice night here in the Midwest last night, so I decided to hit the pool one more time before they close it this weekend. To do so, I had to do some, ahem, trimming. Well, lo and behold, the drain stops draining all together. Great. So now I have standing water in my tub with little hairs skirting the top of the water. Pretty. So this morning, I woke up late. I had to shower, thankfully I was short on time so I did so quickly, standing in a tub full of now freezing water, and hair. This whole time, I am under the assumption that maintenance has forgotten about me which was fine, because I did not have time to buy a pool skimmer and get the hairs out of the tub before they came. I was just going to call tomorrow. Well. When I arrived home from work today, I went into the bathroom and was absolutely HORRIFIED to find not only a drained, bone-dry tub, but one that has been completely wiped clean. It looked like it was professionally cleaned. I am never calling maintenance again. They probably think I am a disgusting sasquatch. Okay, I'm sorry, after sharing that I feel like I should be done posting for the evening, before I scare everyone off. See details of this adorable pink terry robe from Juicy Couture for $68.00 at juicycouture.com!

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