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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

An Autumn Tutu Dress from Baby Bling Things Boutique

Although this could be a potential Halloween costume (add some wings and a magic wand and you have an instant autumn fairy) I cannot stop thinking about fall/Halloween photo ideas that would work great with this. Some scenarios:
1) Photos in a pumpkin patch
2) Surrounded by fall leaves
3) Walking in the autumn woods barefoot, a sort of natural dreamy photo
4) Various farm scenes like barns, fences, and hay
5) Simply surround with candy and take photo against an all-black background
Sometimes I think that when I have children, I am going to spend more money photographing them than I am on buying things and caring for them. I will certainly be one of "those moms" and I am okay with that. Find this fabulous dress (and one for pretty much every occasion too) at Baby Bling Things Boutique.

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