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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Burberry Quilted Hat

I just realized that I did not check my lottery numbers last night. Perhaps it was because I spent some time with a friend who I call "my talking friend." Because... she talks. Everyone has a girlfriend like that right? They tell you everything and anything. Last night I was trying to wedge my way out of her front door so I could get to my car and she was going on and on about the dreams she had had that week. Maybe I'm a millionaire and don't even know it. If I am, I will be buying this pricey Burberry quilted hat for a pregnant cousin. It's simple, tasteful, and functional, yet special because it has the Burberry logo on the band for everyone to see. All cotton, machine-washable, and this hat even comes in a cute little gift box. If you've got the big bucks, start your Christmas shopping early and find this $37.00 hat at Children Salon.

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