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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Modern Cribs

I feel so unsophisticated for saying this, but I do not like 95% of "modern" furniture that I come in contact with. It seems so sterile and sometimes space-age-looking. I have a particular distaste for monochromatic, hard, oddly-shaped modern couches. I have an overstuffed suede sectional. It is great for reading on, sleeping on, eating on, practically living on. I like traditional. Comfortable. Functional. So for this reason, I do not like most modern cribs. Some look like they are made of plastic and belong in institutions. I was browsing the modern collection at petitetresor.com, and ran into this crib, part of Muu's Sam Collection. This brand is made in the US by a family who has been wood working for three generations. I like that. It can be customized endlessly, including colors and finishes. And it's actually... attractive. The cherry blossoms don't hurt either; they are one of my favorite design elements. Modern carries a hefty price tag as far as this piece goes, it sells for $1175.00, which seems to be the norm amongst cribs of the like. 

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