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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hey! Calvin Klein Baby!

Interesting. I'm not sure if I have seen Calvin Klein baby items before and just not liked them enough to write about them, or if this is the first of the baby line? No clue. Calvin Klein is funny to me... I remember the obnoxious perfume commercials back in the 90's (you know which ones I mean) and I remember wearing the t-shirts with the "cK" logo and feeling like I was super cool. Now... I dunno. We have outlet malls near us and there is a Calvin Klein outlet... which is always devoid of human activity. I don't mean to hate on Calvin Klein, and hey, I really like these little onesies. At first glance I almost thought they were Juicy Couture because of the bright colors and variations. I am interested to see where this goes. At least the price range is on the low end: $$37.00 for the whole set! Find yours at Children Salon.

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