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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fendi Baby Tweed Dress

Good lord. I knew this was going to happen, but the snowsuits are already out at Saks Fifth Avenue. I have barely started working on my tan yet and the stores are already making me think about shoveling and car-scraping. Alas, we still have at least four good months. I am counting September and October because I love fall. So this dress makes me think fall. It makes me think of school and crisp air and crunchy leaves. It may be one of the cutest dresses I have seen to date. Leave it to Fendi; I am not surprised. The Fendi logo runs along the neck, on the bows, and within the pleats of the dress. Be it known though that the onesie underneath is not included. That costs $174.00 while the dress itself costs an impressive $330.00. Yeah... I would have to split that one out among a couple of different credit cards, but if it's in your budget, get to Saks!

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