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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Very Expensive Baby Sweats

Now I am all about sweats. I mean who isn't? Especially nowadays that they are socially acceptable to wear to the store, the bank... within reason of course. And some people pay insane amounts of money for their sweats. I could buy $7.00 purple sweatpants from Wal-Mart and sew "LOVE PINK" across the back... but that goes against the principle of the whole thing. So what about insanely expensive baby sweats? Examples are above: Roberto Cavalli Baby for $369.00 and below: Dior Baby for $349.00. So much money for a lot of cotton and polyester blend. I wish my name was so famous that I could sell a sweat suit for 8000 times its production cost, just because it's stamped with JennaLou. See these and more crazy luxuries at lavishkids.com.

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