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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Glenna Jean Central Park Crib Bedding

So.... confession: I do not know that much about crib bedding. I know that is seems a little more complicated than the bed-in-a-bag idea that you can see at Kohl's and Bed Bath and Beyond, it seems expensive no matter where you buy it, and it seems like there are an overwhelming amount of choices. What I have learned from poking around various boutiques' and specialty stores' websites is that these smaller places harbor the best crib bedding, and not stores like JC Penney. Sorry JC Penney... I used to have a great time making paper dolls out of the people in your catalog back in the 80's, but the world has moved on. In any case, thefrogandtheprincess.com has some of the best crib bedding I have seen around, like this Central Park Crib Bedding by family-run company Glenna Jean. This set costs $385.00, which is about the average for what they offer. Not too shabby!

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