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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

All the Rage: MamaRoo

These things are getting rave reviews left and right... but what exactly is a MamaRoo? This space-age-looking baby seat was designed based on the idea that babies love motion: rocking in their parents arms, bouncing, swinging... so this seat does all of that. It is built in with five different motions: 1) A car ride. The seat moves like a figure 8 on its side. 2) The Kangaroo. An up and down bouncing type of deal. 3) The Tree Swing. A side-to-side swinging motion. 4) The Rock. Simple back and forth rocking. 5) An Ocean Wave. Around and around in a big circle. There are also built-in nature sounds, OR, you can connect your mp3 player to create your own mix. Play some Ke$ha and hit the Kangaroo button. Who knows. As if this was not enough, the plush balls that hang from above are decorated in the style of the masters: Van Gogh, Monet, and Seurat. This seat is available for $200.00 (although I imagine they may become the next Tickle Me Elmo and impossible to find) from retailers ranging from amazon to petittresor.com.

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