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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

RED!! Monnalisa Hat, Scarf, and Leg Warmers Set

Today was the day that I finally started to feel the holidays coming. I was in bumper to bumper traffic coming home from work due to the fact that peoples' driving takes a grim turn when it rains and there were accidents everywhere. So as I sat on the highway, I decided to blast Christmas music with the windows down. And sing. Everyone should try that in traffic. People see you, and smile. After an hour and a half of inching along the highway I finally hit my exit. I have to drive by a Target every day on my way home. It's hard. Since I was feeling the holidays all of a sudden, I stopped, shopped, and how have the trimmings for my new (third) Christmas tree. SO, this Monnalisa baby hat, scarf, and leg warmers set is so holiday red that I am instantly in love. Made of mostly wool and angora, it is even trimmed with little pearls. This great holiday gift can be bought for $139.00 at lavishkids.com.

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