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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Really? Designer Hospital Gowns?

Alright, tell me I am not being ridiculous about this. But designer hospital gowns? This $72.00 get-up from celebrity favorite PetitTresor gushes about the soft fabric, loose fitting, and fashion-savvy look. Seriously? First of all, I am pretty sure you could give birth wearing a shirt made of thumb tacks and not notice anything but the feeling that your vag is about to self-destruct. Second of all, very few women look like nothing happened after giving birth. Most look like their vag just self-destructed. So why bother wearing an "attractive" hospital gown? I, for one, would not give a damn if I had on an flashy paisley hospital gown. I would care about holding my new child... and maybe a little about pain killers. Maybe the stress at my job is getting to me lately and I am displacing my anger, but this is just one I just don't get.

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