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Friday, August 6, 2010

Posh Bebe Crib Bedding

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I am a horribly indecisive individual. I am in the process of redoing my own bedroom right now, and currently have a notebook of stores I have visited and bedding that I like. I always wait for that wow factor, the bedding that screams "I'm the one!" But everything I see that wows me stays on the shelf, for I fear the moment I buy it I will see something that wows me more.

This crib bedding wowed me. Honestly, I get annoyed with the overly girly, boy-y overused themes: zoo, butterflies, cowboys, sports, princesses... My children would have something different. I am a sucker for bohemian-looking patchwork quilts, so when I saw this, I thought "Wow."

The Posh Bebe Crib Bedding is described as "youthful yet sophisticated" for obvious reasons. There are so many elements and colors to pull from here. It is displayed in white, but I think it would look gorgeous against dark cherry. Red walls, green walls, pink... endless possibilities.

I am in love.

For a very large price, this set can be purchased at www.luxurylamb.com.


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