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Friday, June 22, 2012

Hello Expensive Fendi Baby Dress!

Okay first of all, happy best part of Friday to my fellow M-F 9-5ers!! How great does it feel on an early Friday evening when you have the entire weekend in front of you? And when it is a beautiful evening (in the midwest it is anyway) AND the first weekend of summer? Bliss. What a magical evening. Aaaanyway, let's go over the top right now and talk about this new dress from Fendi's baby collection. Talk about classic: soft satin with a Peter Pan collar and organza overlay with simplistic flower embroidery. It's beautiful... although despite the color it honestly reminds me more of a holiday dress. IE pair it with black tights and shoes, add a black bolero or cardigan, and voila: instant hit. But I suppose at the same time you can add some cream colored open toed sandals and have a sweet summer look as well. Oh, and the price? How about $356.00, at Children Salon.

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