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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cheerful Dress & Bloomer Sets from Lily Pulitzer

I do believe that spring is finally here to stay! Designer Baby has taken some time off lately due to some unplanned business trips, and I am happy to say that the weekend that I am home for good is the weekend that the temperature is hitting 80 for the first time! Sorry, I'm just a bit excited. So what better thing to talk about than brightly colored dresses with vivid patterns, perfect for a day of playing in the sun. Lily Pulitzer is a brand that I haven't talked about too much because, honestly, I just haven't been too bowled over by anything I see. These dress and bloomer sets are pretty fabulous though... there are probably 8-10 different patterns available at Saks, for a very modest price of either $48.00 or $68.00, depending on the set. Could make a cute surprise gift for a friend, one of those "just because" gifts. Go ahead, make someone's day.

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