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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Juicy Couture Ruffle Party Dress

Light, feminine, and feathery... those adjectives just sound appealing to me. Possibly because after my Valentine's Day feast that I had with another single friend of mine last night, the adjectives that currently describe me are plump, bulging, solid, and muffin top. And yes, I realize that muffin top is not an adjective. This dress reminds me of one of the birthday parties that I saw on one of the Real Housewives of whatever shows that I always get sucked into. It was an enchanted tea party birthday and the mom got drunk off of pink cocktails. Classic trash TV. Love it. Juicy Couture has some adorable baby dresses on their actual website that I have never seen anywhere else. Definitely check it out. This dress is one of the best, and of course has a matching diaper cover with the Juicy logo. All for a price of $88.00. Cute comes costly.

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