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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Valentines Day Dresses from My Child Clothing

Remember making Valentines Day mailboxes out of shoe boxes and wrapping paper when you were little? I was always very competitive in this area, because I have a very crafty mother who always made sure that my mailbox was, well, over the top. I remember to this day what each of them looked like. Kind of an odd tradition, but a fun one. Nowadays, being a still-single woman in my late 20's, I go out with a close friend of mine (also a late 20's girl flying solo) and we have cakes and cookies for dinner at our favorite bakery, then see a "chick flick." This year we are seeing No Strings Attached and I am pretty excited. Anyway, I also got excited when I saw that My Child Clothing had a special section for Valentine outfits. I wasn't blown away, but there were a couple of fantastic dresses, like this chiffon dress by Biscotti. I love the patterns and ruffles and bows. The cardigan is actually not attached, so you can go with it or without. And for just $72.00, this is a very reasonable purchase for your little cupid.

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