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Monday, February 7, 2011

Oilily Spring 2011 Collection: I Am In Love.

Colors and patterns and brightness, oh my! Forest and Zoe definitely perked up my morning (them, and about four cups of coffee actually) when I saw that they started posting pictures of Oilily's new items for 2011. Staying true to their tradition of vibrant colors and gorgeous patterns, the collection is full of eye candy for everyone to feast upon. I picked a few of my favorite items, first being the Timone Fairytale Blouse, which almost reminds me of a crazy 80's shirt I once had. I am also loving the Daisy Blue Sensa Dress with its delicate floral patterns and plenty of ruffles. Lastly, a cupcake purse, because anything having to do with cupcakes is genius. With prices ranging from $186.00 (the dress) to $36.00 (the blouse), Oilily definitely falls into the fabulously reasonable category. 

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