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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Last Few Winter Items: Armani Baby Wool Set

I got sick of winter faster than usual this year. Usually I don't start to get stir crazy until March; that is usually when I start to feel the itch for dinner on patios and the sun staying up past 6pm. This year, that feeling started in mid-January. I think I have been posting nonstop about spring items since then, trying very hard to look forward to warmer days. However, as over winter as I am, this three piece set from Armani cannot be ignored. Beautiful little mittens, hat, and scarf, all made of 100% wool with delicate pink trim, this set might be a great thing to purchase when it goes on sale within the next month or so, then given as a gift next year. Or kept for yourself, if you are expecting a little one. For $150.00, you can see more details at Lavish Kids.

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