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Friday, February 18, 2011

Cutest Easter Photos Ever:The Chickee Poof

Although I fear that baby photos with huge tutus and giant embellished headbands have become so popular that they are bordering cliche, there are still some very interesting and unique tutus or "poofs" as they are often called. The Chickee Poof from Teacups and Mudpies is a prime example. First of all, I have seen grown men coo like babies when in the presence of baby chicks. I, as a grown woman, angered many children at the state fair this past year because I was hogging the front row at the chick cage for a bit too long. So, need a unique idea for Easter photos? Look no further: you can create your own little chick in the grass. Surround with colored eggs and bright flowers and voila: a masterpiece.This set includes the skirt and headband for a very reasonable $50.00. 

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