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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gorgeous and Girly Summer Dresses from BonPoint

My obsession with BonPoint  is growing as fast as my longing for warmer weather. I was late for a 3:30 meeting today, so as I hustled up to the building it was being held in, I was annoyed to see a large cobblestone walkway, completely blanketed in an icy sheet of death. I tried to keep up my hustle, which naturally resulted in a fall. I think that is my #4 public fall of the season, up from last year. I must be getting old. So pretty much, it's about time for the kind of weather that these adorable dresses can be worn in. 100% cotton, feminine and fun, I would pair these with some mary janes and maybe even a floppy straw hat, then call it a day. 

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