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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Savvy or Sick: Baby Names of the Day

From Tennessee... Introducing:

Mercy Lynn
Bentlie Anne
Braylee Hope
Destiny Rayne (porn star.)
Kalia Shawn
Adasyn Nicole
Seanna LaShea Shyenne
Wilkira Lenise
Bryndolin Azaray
Skylee Jae
Harli Belle
Winter Rain
Zephyr Mariah
Magnolia Grace

Porter Johnson
Jett Grayson
Neven Richard
Stetson DeeRone
Zailyn Curtis
Blaedyn Shane (oh no.)
Kendryx Tristan (no really... oh no.)
Brocklyn Thomas (no comment about the gender mixing going on here.)
Brinnen Matthew
Maverick Lee

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