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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Fendi Baby Floral Shoes

I will be the first to admit that I get pretty sad the week after Christmas. I am finding that I especially do not care for Christmas being on a Saturday. I cried when I left my family to come back home today, mainly because I adore the holidays and everything that comes with them, but also because... I have to work tomorrow. Reality is harsh. But now, as the horrific months of winter are upon us, it is time to focus on spring. I keep telling myself these next three months are a great thing, because I have three months to get my fluffy body ready for spring. It is kind of working. A little. One thing to keep me occupied in these coming months that I have been looking forward to: the blast of spring clothing that we are about to be hit with. One of the first things I have seen: these Fendi baby shoes. Adorable, leather, precious floral pattern... they are helping me to think warm. I also like how they are a break from the Fendi Zucca pattern. See these sweet little shoes for $120.00 at childrensalon.com.

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