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Monday, December 6, 2010

Monnalisa Baby Puffer Jacket: Know When to Stop.

You know when you are laying on the couch and your husband/boyfriend/friend/brother/whoever tickles your feet? At first you laugh and yelp, "Stop!" Then they do it again. You laugh more, then say stop again. Then... they do it again. You feel the first twinge of annoyance. "No really, STOP." And then... they do it once more. You become the epitome of fussy. Some people yell. Some kick. Some leave the room. But the message is clear: you need to know when to stop. These are my feelings on the amount of ruffles and folds and floof of this jacket my Monnalisa, who normally I think can do no wrong. It gives me that yikes feeling, like my feet are being tickled for the fourth time. If you like yikes, this can be yours for $255.00 at monpetitchild.com.

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