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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Potentially Obsessed with Roberto Cavalli's Floral Print.

Okay okay, I know I already said this when talking about the Cavalli baby nest, but I cannot get enough of this gorgeous floral pattern! It's springy and warm and Easter-y and such a refreshing break from the usual things we see from Cavalli (leopard and ruffles and other fun stuff). This morning was unusually sunny in the Midwest US; lately it has nothing but gloom. It gave me that false sense of feeling that spring is just around the corner, when in reality we probably have a good 5-6 weeks. I suppose I am finding solace in beautiful flowery things like these: just imagine the weather they will be worn in! Hopefully you know someone who either has a little girl or will have a little girl when this magical time of year finally arrives, because this collection is begging to be shared. Find it all (there's more than what is pictured above) at Children Salon.

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