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Thursday, February 23, 2012

More Cute Swim Stuff from Juicy Couture

So... the movie Beaches is on TV right now. I have never seen Beaches. I know, I know. I have also never seen The Bodyguard, Pretty Woman, The Sound of Music, and about 1000 other movies that all girls are supposed to have seen by their late 20's. Maybe I'm a freak, maybe I don't mind that. But Beaches randomly came on the channel my TV was on and I was hooked in about one minute and thirty seconds. Sticking to the beach/summer/swimming theme, Juicy Couture's swim collection for this season is pretty amazingly impressive. Not only do they have a ton of genius styles of swim suits, they have towels, cover-ups, and terry rompers that scream, "You need me for your tropical vacation!" These are three of my favs, especially the hooded towel. Now all we need is summer. Or a tropical vacation. Who am I kidding; I'm not ready for bathing suit season yet! Find all of these at juicycouture.com.

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