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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Burberry Infant's Sophie Ballet Flats

Oh my goodness. These may be one of my favorite pairs of baby shoes to date. A weird choice, right? I guess their appeal to me lies in the fact that they remind me of the baby shoes that I used to put on my dolls when I was little. The shoes that used to be my own. They were impossibly huge on my "babies'" feet, but I could hardly imagine them ever fitting mine. That was a very special thing to me, that I had these shoes that were mine that I never remembered wearing, but had them, and had my own dolls to put them on. Ugh... what a strange thing to get sentimental about. I blame the wine I'm drinking. Aaaaaanyway, Burberry baby shoes: classic yet modern. The ultimate combo. The mary jane style paired with the ankle strap (Gucci uses the ankle strap a lot) paired with an oversize Burberry check bow on the toes? Love. Like a lot. Find these for $150.00 at Saks

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