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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Baby Dior Sunhats

Oh lord... it's a bit hard to imagine a day where you will need these right now, isn't it? This is the part of winter that I dread. One of my affirmations for 2012 (I'm not doing resolutions, because those tend to fail) is to not let the winter blues get me this year. I can still enjoy things and live and laugh and be happy. Never mind that January, February, and March are miserable. I will make my own bliss! So anyway, here we have two of Baby Dior's amazing sunhats, new for Spring/Summer 2012. If you can't pick a favorite, why not get both? They are even machine-washable, so they are safe for a day of outdoor play and dirt. Find both for $89.00 each at Children Salon.

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