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Monday, January 23, 2012

New Monnalisa Bathing Suits!

Well... I guess one of the good things about seeing bathing suits in January is knowing that you still have four months to whip your body into shape before you have to be seen in one. Or, you can be a baby and completely oblivious to the horror that bathing suits instill upon many adult women. I envy those ladies who could take a phone call right now, "Hey Sarah! Yeah, it's Melissa. Frankie is having people over, and they have that indoor pool so bring your bathing suit!" And Sarah could toss a bikini in a bag and be good to be, like immediately. The thought of putting on a bikini right now makes me want to run five miles then eat an entire bottle of green tea diet pills (that don't even work). 

Okay sorry for that rant. So here we have some absolutely adorable 2012 bathing suits from Monnalisa. As if we would expect anything different from this untra-feminine and attention-to-detail-gurus brand. I love how daisies always seem to pop up somehow, somewhere. There is just something cheerful about daisies, that you can't exactly put your finger on but you can surely appreciate. All of these (and more!) can be found, ranging between about $80.00 and $100.00, at Children Salon.

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