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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Beautiful White Dress from Fendi

Why does it seem like the spring and summer collections come out earlier and earlier every year? Okay, so I am already over the cold weather. But isn't everyone after the holidays? But am I ready to think bathing suits and sun dresses? No way. I am still flabby, pale, and multiple lbs away from my goal weight. And besides all that, we still have like three months of winter. Seeing spring collections at this point is just depressing, because it is still so far away. So why not be a total hypocrite and talk about this beautiful, breezy, springy dress from Fendi? I can't ignore it; it's a classic. A-line. White cotton. Zucca print. It is simple and beautiful and timeless and everything I could ever expect from Fendi. I'm ready for spring. I'm not encouraging global warming, but I'd be okay with keeping this strange pseudo-winter going. Think spring and find this dress for $245.00 at Children Salon.

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