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Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Domain Test!

Well... I figured it was about time that Designer Baby got it's own domain name. It is tricky because every name around and about the words "Designer Baby" are already taken, or have a $1000.00+ price tag to take. So, we have decided on www.designer-baby.net. It's a dot-net, with a hyphen. Okay, so not the big leagues or the elite by any means, but it's us. We are not www.designerbaby.com, we are www.designer-baby.net. But guess what... we are still your source for the best of the best in high end baby clothes, and the lack of affordable domain names available will not stop us from making one of our own! Bookmark it people, we are going independent.
Thank you for the support, interest, intrigue, and interest up until this point. From here on out, designer-baby.net is going to take you further. Guilty pleasures indulged. Thank you everyone, thank you :)

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