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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Coach New Addison Op Art Baby Bag

When I was little, the diaper bag my mom used when I was a baby was passed on to me so I could use it for my dolls. It was actually one of my favorite "toys;" I used to fill it with outfits, bottles, play food, bibs, the works. It made me feel so grown up and important to be able to provide all those things for my dolls. The bag itself... yikes. It was gray and plastic-y, with some sort of light checkered pattern that looked like graph paper. It was gross. The diaper bag has definitely evolved since those days and anymore they are just like giant purses with ridiculous amounts of storage. Baby bags are sometimes more of a fashion statement than an item of practicality. If they can be both it's a wonderful thing. This Coach bag has more than enough storage, leather trim detailing, includes a changing pad... everything you want and more if you are able to pay the $498.00 for it. See more details at coach.com

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