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Saturday, October 16, 2010


Baby cradles are an interesting conundrum.They are quite elegant and beautiful and are pretty much guaranteed to "wow" anyone who sees one in your baby's nursery. If not for the design of it, then for the fact that you don't really see them anymore. Honestly speaking, they probably aren't the safest thing for your baby once they learn to sit or pull themselves up because they could just flop right out. So people who have the big bucks are definitely the ones who buy cradles like this, the Magic Garden Iron Baby Cradle from luxurylamb.com, because after dropping the$1699.00 on this, they are just going to have to turn around and buy a crib a few month later. Maybe then it could be used as a dream bed for a little girl's dolls once they are old enough. This cradle is breathtaking, adorned with vines, berries, birds, and bunnies... like sleeping in a private springtime garden. I bet it's good to have the big bucks.

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