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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Juicy Couture Days of the Week Socks

So many people love days of the week socks and underwear... but does anyone really correspond them to the actual day they are being worn on? It's more of a novelty I guess, but I am okay with that. These socks by Juicy Couture are a novelty that are easy to love, with a different color and picture for each day of the week. Who cares if you put Tuesday's socks on your baby on Friday? I like how Juicy only has one pair for the entire weekend; there is no Saturday and no Sunday, just Weekend. Use your imagination with that one, I for one keep thinking about my weekend habits and how I wear the same pajamas both days, all day. (Don't judge.) Visit neimanmarcus.com and for $28.00, this set of socks can be yours.

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