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Friday, January 7, 2011

Paloma's Baby Tooth Fairy Box from Tiffany & Co.

Well, I learned something new today. There is an artist who designs for Tiffany & Co. named Paloma Picasso. Yes, that  Picasso. The youngest daughter of the Pablo Picasso. Call me a dork, but I thought that was kind of neat. Tiffany's baby gifts have always been kind of an anomaly to me because there is so much hype surrounding them, but I have never been knocked over by anything I have seen. China plates, silver combs, piggy banks... cute, but not out of this world cute. Now when I saw this sterling silver tooth fairy box, I kind of got that "Oooooo" feeling that most people get when looking at anything from Tiffany's. How much how much? $275.00 and can be purchased at tiffany.com.

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