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Saturday, March 12, 2011

More French Findings: Les Grenouilles Collection by Lucie Vall

My French obsession continues. Newest find: Les Grenouilles. Meaning "frogs" in French, this collection is designed by Lucie Vall, whose daughters are nicknamed "the frogs." Hence the name. I love little factoids like that. Anyway, Lucie has roots in BonPoint and Agnes B., and her classic forms and use of patterns are reflective of this. Again, I am a huge fan of the trend of classic yet modern that seems to flow throughout French children's clothing.  Also a great part of this collection: bonnets.

Call me old school, but I have always had an affinity for baby bonnets. They seem to have been replaced by fedoras and beanies and paperboy hats, but as Mrs. Doubtfire once said, "A classic never dies, dear." There is just something precious about a baby out on a walk in the park wearing a little bonnet. In any case, if you are a lover of unique boutiques (say that ten times fast) as I am, this one is definitely worth checking out. 

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