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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Roberto Cavalli Baby Demin Onesie

I am trying so hard not to laugh at this onesie because I actually think it is really unique and cute... but doens't it kind of remind you of Jersey Shore? Not the denim part, because as all Jersey Shore watchers know from the last episode when Deena wore head-to-toe denim she was ridiculed as being out of style, but just the outfit in general. It reminds me of if Affliction made baby clothes (Maybe they do? If so, I do not care to write about them), yet somehow, it is kind of adorable. Maybe it's the whole "babies can get away with anything" thing that is helping here. Denim with a soft grey hood, silver branded buttons, Roberto Cavalli logo on the side... all this can be yours for $99.00 at Children Salon.

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