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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Gucci Baby Pajamas: A Fun Christmas Gift!

Oh I need to be stopped. You know how some people you know are "Christmas people?" They shop all year 'round, they listen to Christmas music from the moment it hits the radio stations until the moment it departs, they have not one but five Christmas trees, and it takes them multiple days to decorate their house, which usually happens immediately after Thanksgiving? Well, I am one of those obnoxious people. I love Christmas. Always have, always will. So how about a pair of Gucci pajamas to kick off your Christmas shopping? Gucci's baby line has really been expanding; I feel like it was just yesterday that they pretty much only had shoes. But how cute is this? Made from soft cotton, these jammies have a Peter Pan collar trimmed with satin and the words "My First Gucci" printed across the chest. Adorable. The catch? It costs $180.00. See more details at Neiman Marcus.

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