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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Roberto Cavalli Pink Peony Satin & Velvet Coat

I feel almost silly posting on a day like today, the 10th anniversary of September 11. However, I do believe while it is important to always remember, it is also important to go forward, because halting life and thinking nothing will ever be the same is exactly what the people who did this would want. My best friend's birthday is today, and it is something she has struggled with since this day ten years ago. She felt guilty celebrating, and she still feels very tired of hearing people say "Ooooh, that sucks" when she tells them the date of her birthday. It's just another day, but at the same time, it will never be just another day. Strange to think about, and hard to believe it has been ten years. So with the idea of progression and moving forward, let's move to this... elaborate coat from Roberto Cavalli. Adorned with this season's peony print, this coat has a lot of busyness to it: huge buttons, bubble waist, bubble collar, satin, velour... it's honestly a bit too much for me. If you disagree and love the unique wildness that this jacket packs, it can be yours for a large sum of $370.00, from Children Salon.

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