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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Holiday Shopping Season HAS ARRIVED!!!

Confession: I am a Christmas fanatic. My decorations were up the weekend before Thanksgiving. Last night, I had to turn on the air conditioning in my condo due to the amount of heat all of my lights were generating. That is not a joke. It was 76 in here. I went Black Friday shopping, which was much different this year as many stores opened at midnight. I don't think I have pulled an all-nighter since college. And at the end of this one, there wasn't a final exam to take, but a $19.00 three-crock pot-buffet-thing. Why use just one crock pot when you can use three at once? 

So, in any case, it's here: the most wonderful time of year. The time of love, snow, twinkling lights, overeating, and SHOPPING. So let's begin with a happy little pair of high tops that depict my overall feelings toward this season. From Juicy Couture, these canvas shoes are bringing the 80's back with the style, and the 60's (I think??) with the smiley face graphic! They are quirky and unique, and could really be worn in any season (just not in the snow). Printed on the soles are the words "Smell Like Couture." Loving them. Find your pair for $58.00 at Bloomingdale's.

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