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Monday, December 5, 2011

Faux Fur Kittens In A Hat Box.

This is so the cat lady coming out in me right now. In cat-related news, my kitten Pippa just ate a five inch piece of string about 20 minutes ago. I chased her and was SO CLOSE to pulling it out of her mouth but I missed it, and I am spazzing/beating myself up/freaking out. My neighbor's kitten ate some string and had to have surgery. Hopefully because it was a smaller piece, she will be fine. Kittens! Such a handful! But so cute. Kind of like these faux fur kittens from Posh Tots. A gift that would make the majority of children squeal, each kitten is lovingly crafted using premium faux fur and each has a name (from left to right): Daisy, Violet, and Sweet Pea. Their names are embroidered on their hind paw. If your child wants to give them their own names, so what I do with my kitties: give them a middle name, but call them by their middle name. It's a great way to honor and keep the name of adopted kitties, both alive and pretend (mine are named Iris Lucy and Lily Pippa; but I call both by their "middle" names). If you are a cat person like me, and have a mini cat person who would fall in love with these, they can be yours for $245.00. 

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