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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Peel and Place Christmas Tree Wall Decal!

Happy December! Hard to believe it... how is it that the time between summer's end and the holiday season flies like it does? Oh well... my favorite time of year has arrived! So in the spirit of Christmas, let's talk about some fun kid-friendly decor. Is it ridiculous that I kind of want one of these? By Oopsy Daisy Fine Art for Kids, these canvas wall stickers will keep your child busy for potential hours decorating and re-decorating this tree! 140 pieces in all, a full set of letters and numbers are also included for personalized messages and even a little education. Guaranteed to be a hit, this can be yours for $129.00 (and free shipping!) at Posh Tots.

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  1. I love the chalkboard stickers...your kids can get creative with them and so can you! kids wall decals