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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Twin Stars Enamel Bangle Bracelets

So bracelets have been my obsession lately. I think that Pinterest is partially to blame because I have seen some of the cutest bracelets ever popping up on there. The idea of teeny tiny bracelets for babies and toddlers is just adorable to me. Any type of jewelry for kids is just adorable to me. I can still remember the days when my mom used to let me go through her jewelry box; it was like a treasure chest and ignited a love for sparkles and bangles and jewels at a very young age. These enamel bracelets from Twin Stars would be a great way to start your little girl's love for jewelry, with their whimsical and colorful designs. They open and fasten with a clasp, so you don't need to worry about squeezing it around her hand. There are even more colors and designs than this, and you can find them all (including a gift bag) for $39.00 each at Children Salon.

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