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Monday, January 2, 2012

Janie and Jack My Girl Valentine Collection

Ugh... I have that post-holidays feeling. Sure, it's great to not have to worry about cards and baking and traveling and budgeting and the perfect gift and resolutions and cooking... Wait. Is it? I like all those things. It is definitely a bit overwhelming to be doing them all at once, but that's the spirit of the season! Then afterwards it's just... blah. What do we have to look forward to besides spring, which is four months away? Valentine's Day? I will not rant about Valentine's Day on January 2. It is far too early. So let's take a positive spin on it: the My Girl Valentine collection from Janie and Jack. I love how Janie and Jack always keep it so classic and beautiful with every single baby item they crank out. Each collection is more stunning than the last and it makes for great anticipation when one is about to come out. I am loving the pink, the frills, the subtle florals of this collection. A generous friend/family member could gift some lucky woman (and baby) with all three pieces. Find them all at janieandjack.com.

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