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Monday, January 2, 2012

New Dress and Bloomers Sets from Burberry Baby

I have a confession to make. Before I started getting really into the amazing world of high-end baby clothes, I was not a Burberry believer. I associated Burberry with all of the snobby girls at my college... all of whom seemed to have the exact same Burberry scarf. Not bags, not boots, not jackets. Just the nova check scarf. My theory? It is all they could afford and the most recognizably Burberry item. I almost let these girls ruin Burberry for me. Almost. Then I started noticing that every season, there are new variations on the famous Burberry check. Check patterns are their thing: their signature thing that they totally rock yet can still always put a new twist on. Now, I look forward to seeing these new variations. 

Hard to believe that spring styles are already emerging, but don't we feel that way every year? So let's dive into them with the newest dress and bloomers sets from Burberry baby. I must say, the white with purple and blue is so different from any of the other checks I have seen and I LOVE it. I picture someone with triplet girls, each one wearing one of these sets. Or one lucky girl who gets to own all three would also be nice. Which is your favorite? Find all of these (from top to bottom: $165.00, $175.00, $110.00) at Saks Fifth Avenue.

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