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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Big News and Fall Approaches!

Umm so once again, Designer Baby disappeared off the radar for a while. The reason is something that I find to be pants-wetting exciting, but does not involve some great magical mystery.

I quit my day job. I did. Finally. I put in my notice on Monday, and believe my boss thought I was having a stroke. I walked into his office, said I needed to talk, sat down, and no words came out. Then tears came out. Lots and lots of tears. Typical chick move! But I did it, gave a month notice. Four weeks from now I am going to be HOME FREE.

Here is my small soapbox speech: if you are not happy with something in your life, change it. You choose nearly everything you do and you absolutely choose everything you feel. Yes, hard times and tragedies cannot be avoided, but you choose how to react to them, how to deal with them. This life is so precious and so beautiful, and every single person deserves to be happy every single day.

Now, onto the good stuff. Since I have been so preoccupied with quitting and figuring out everything surrounding that, I have barely kept up on the new clothes coming out for fall. Just did some browsing and WOW have I been missing out. Now there's a treasure trove of things begging to be talked about. First up, this tartan dress by Fendi:

Maybe my Scottish roots have something to do with this, but tartan makes me go crazy. I think I wore the same tartan skirt to church every Christmas when I was younger for like four years in a row. It can be so versatile. Like this dress... you could do white tights, you could go super-sleek and do black tights, then a fur jacket? A black bolero? Or how about a white cardigan? It's fantastic to have so many options, especially if you are someone like me who gets bored easily. Oh, and how about the little bow below the peter pan collar? It has the Zucca print pattern on it. Thank you Fendi for being consistently awesome. Find this dress (and some accessories too!) for $262.00 at Children Salon.

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