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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Designer Pacifier Bags!

Talk about a luxury! Who even has an inexpensive regular bag for their baby's pacifier? Don't most people just use a ribbon or cord to attach it to the actual baby? Well, if that is not fancy enough for you, consider this cute little leopard print pacifier bag from Roberto Cavalli. It cracks me up that this has a strap like a wristlet. Perfectly girly with wild leopard print and gold logo, this would make a very unique gift that you can pretty much guarantee no one else at the baby shower will bring. For a whopping $107.00. And if this one is a bit too feminine for you, how about this blue Zucca print pacifier bag from Fendi:

This one is a bit more low-key and suitable for a chic baby boy. Wouldn't the two make fun boy/girl twin gifts? That is, if you have another $104.00 to spend on this one. Style is not cheap! Find both at Children Salon.

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