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Friday, August 31, 2012

The Perfect Holiday Dress from Baby Graziella

Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas party, church on Christmas, New Years Eve... this dress is perfect for all holiday occasions. It is a wonderful combination of wool and cashmere, combining all sorts of textures from the ribbed top to the sequin bubble skirt to the soft satin bow belt. I love dresses that you could pair with both white or black as far as tights, shoes, and accessories go. This dress falls right into that category. This hat by Ciccino would be an adorable addition to the outfit:

And maybe pair them with these little black patent shoes from Early Days:

Why am I all of a sudden excited for the holiday season? Why am I wishing I had a baby in my life (umm not necessarily my own) to buy these things for? Almost too much cuteness to handle. Find all of these at my all-time favorite, Children Salon.

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